Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

Sadly, even after my clients have successfully won their accident case or injury claim, the potential for future issues does not disappear. In many instances, future medical care and considerations are often required for a lifetime.  This may open up them up to an entirely new set of floodgates. For injuries resulting in permanent wheelchair use, transportation services are often used for appointments, everyday errands and more. Trusting your safety or the safety of your loved ones to these services may end up causing even more pain and suffering.

Common Ambulette Accidents and Incidents

The transportation service you hire to get you from point A to point B is held to a strict set of rules per the Ohio Revised Code, but that doesn’t always mean you are in safe hands. From issues during the loading and unloading process, failing to secure transports properly, negligent impact accidents and more; your ambulette company may be keeping some secrets!

For ambulette and other non-emergency medical transportation companies, hiring and training employees may not be taken as seriously as it should be. Equipment may not be safely maintained, or it could just be a true mistake. Even when all state licensing guidelines and regulations are met, if the individual or company entrusted with your care behaved negligently, you are entitled to compensation.

Common injuries that can occur include; brain, neck/back injuries, broken bones and more. Similarly to any automobile accident, the unique circumstances and level of negligence, all play a role in the severity of the outcome. Due to the likelihood of pre-existing injuries, an accident in an ambulette or other non-emergency medical transportation can be difficult to prove.  This is why it is essential to seek out the help of an experience accident attorney.

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Ambulette Accident Injury
Double jeopardy - this is what happens when an accident victim is re-injured by non-emergency transportation providers such as ambulettes. Imagine being severely injured in a previous accident and have to rely on transportation services only to be re-victimized due to an ambulette accident! Proving additional injury can be complex and therefore seeking help from an experienced accident attorney is a must!
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