As the seasons change from fall to winter, so do road conditions. During the late autumn months, it may be brisk and slightly raining, but as night arrives, road conditions can quickly turn icy without warning. As temperature drop day to day, precipitation can turn from rain to sleet to snow in a matter of minutes. I think we can all attest that during the first week of snowfall, it seems like a lot of drivers forget how to properly navigate slushy and snowy streets! With a little bit a preparedness, Ohio drivers can feel safer and more confident navigating changing driving conditions.

Being Prepared Before Driving

  • Simple things can be done before the snowy season is in full effect to make you and your car safer.
    • Consider getting winter tires or all-season tires. If this is not an option, consult a trusted auto mechanic or tire rotation and alignment. Make sure tires have the proper amount of air.
    • Keep an emergency roadside and first aid kits in your vehicle. It is also a good idea to keep extra water, blankets, snow boots and a rain slicker in your car in case you get stranded in the rain, snow, or cold
    • Keeping a little bit of extra weight in the back of the vehicle is good for avoiding spin outs or fishtailing. A simple bag a cat litter can be a multi use item for your trunk. The weight keeps your car centered. In case you get stuck in some mud or snow, you can throw some of the litter around tires for extra traction

Being Prepared During Driving

  • Common sense driving habits should always be follow, but additional precaution should be taken in adverse weather conditions.
    • Allow yourself extra travel time to be prepared to drive a little slower, being stuck in traffic due to other accidents and allowing for your car to defrost and warm up.
    • Leave extra follow distance and be prepared to stop.
    • Some area ice faster than others. These include bridges, overpasses and areas of road with a lot of trees or buildings that provide colder shade.
    • Road condition can change in the matter of a few yards. Test your traction by lightly applying pressure to your brakes, just make sure you do so safely and with adequate distance in between cars in from and behind you.
    • If you do find yourself in a slide, spin, or fishtail, try to remain calm. Avoid the urge to yank the wheel or try to overcorrect.

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Accident Prevention - Changing Road Conditions
Driving habits should change with the turning of the seasons and changing weather. Tips are provided for before and during embarking on a snowy road travel.