If you’ve ever been driving on the highway and encountered a tractor-trailer, you may have hesitated to pass, or slowed down to avoid getting too close to the truck; I know I do. The fact is, most people would agree that semi-trucks are dangerous.

As motorists, we have a innate feeling that we should be cautious of trucks, but do we really know what makes big trucks so dangerous? It is important to know what causes most tractor-trailer accidents, so you can learn to avoid potential danger.

Most trucking accidents fall into at least one of the following 5 categories:

1.  Driver error. The most common cause of tractor-trailer accidents is driver error.  Truck driver error can occur as a result of many factors including: fatigue, substance abuse, distracted driving, lack of experience, and lack of adequate training.

2.  Weather conditions. Bad weather can make driving challenging for even the best drivers. Commercial truck drivers often fail to consider the dangers of driving in bad weather. An already difficult to maneuver tractor-trailer becomes even harder to manage during adverse weather. Furthermore, truck drivers don’t have the luxury of avoiding the road when bad weather hits.

3.  Improper loading of cargo.  A truck’s cargo must be properly loaded and evenly distributed in the trailer. If improperly loaded, the truck can jack-knife or overturn. Loading mistakes can also cause the cargo to shift and fall onto the highway into traffic, endangering everyone on the road.

4.  Truck equipment failure.  Equipment failure is a very common cause of truck accidents. Required inspections are often ignored and trucks continually drive with faulty brakes and worn tires. Accidents can also be caused by the faulty design of equipment and manufacturing errors.

5.  Selection of truck driver or trucking company.   Clients often do not take the time to research truck drivers or the companies they work for before hiring them to haul their product. This means more inexperienced and under-trained truckers are on the road.

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5 Top Causes of Truck Accidents
Truck driver error, bad weather, improperly loaded trucks, bad equipment, are just some of the leading causes of truck accidents. We have to hold truck drivers and trucking companies accountable when they knowingly place other drivers at risk. Many truck accidents result in catastrophic injury or death, so it is imperative to bring a truck accident claim to an experienced truck accident lawyer. A top truck accident attorney will not only obtain fair compensation, but will help to ensure that those at fault will never do it again.
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