Thanksgiving is a day dedicated to our family, friends, and thankfulness for the lives we live. While it is meant to show our appreciation for our loved ones and health, it is also considered one of the most dangerous holidays in the United States.

Thanksgiving Eve is notoriously known for its high number of drunk drivers on the road due to amount of college students home for the first full holiday vacation. Additionally, there overall number of drivers on the road rises greatly as a result of holiday travel.

However, Thanksgiving Eve accidents do not even account for the statistics of Thanksgiving Day accidents and injuries.

Thanksgiving Day was declared by Forbes as the most dangerous holiday in the U.S.

Although the statistics from Forbes’ article was from 2009, recent studies and interviews with emergency room directors show that Thanksgiving Day is typically an ER’s busiest day of the year.

Many only think of motor vehicle accidents as the top suspect for these dangerous injuries, but there are many other culprits playing a part in the holiday’s notoriety.

The National Safety Council, the CDC, and several emergency doctors attribute the following injuries to Thanksgiving activities:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: Increased number of travelers as well as impaired drivers lead to a higher risk of vehicle injury/fatality.
  • Kitchen fires: From 2011 to 2013 there were approximately 2,100 residential kitchen fires on Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. Whether it is due to turkey deep fryer grease, commotion in the kitchen, or distraction from kitchen equipment, kitchen fires can be deadly.
  • Food poisoning: The CDC estimates 1 in 6 Americans suffer from food borne illnesses in a year. Experts suggest storing leftovers immediately and properly, thawing the turkey on the counter should be avoided and using gloves while preparing food.
  • Overeating: We don’t hear often that overeating is dangerous, but on holidays with large meals and high in sodium, it can be especially dangerous for people with diabetes, heart conditions, or high blood pressure. Be smart about portions and don’t overdo it.
  • Preparation injuries: These injuries are common in ER’s on Thanksgiving. They can include severe lacerations from using knives, deep fryer burns to the body, and slip and falls.

Whether you are traveling to a loved one’s home or hosting the holiday dinner in your own home, be safe on this day of thanks! If you or a loved one was injured due to another’s negligence, call me immediately.

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5 Injuries That Make Thanksgiving Day the Most Dangerous Holiday
On Thanksgiving Day, we spend it with family and friends giving thanks for all that we have. But this holiday is also considered one of the most dangerous holidays in the U.S. with the high risk of injury! Drunk driving is at an all-time high, but there are several other risks as well. Be safe on this special day and call me if you've been injured.
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