As a Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer, I have seen the devastating effects of negligence during surgery. A single surgical surgery malpractice anesthesia errors harm patientserror can have severe and permanent consequences for the patient.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to surgical malpractice, I can help you.

Examples of Surgery Malpractice

Every medical malpractice claim is like a snowflake, unique and like no other.  No two cases are identical, but there are some common types of surgical malpractice and medical negligence claims.

Anesthesiologist Malpractice

Anesthesia error occurs when a patient receives too little or too much anesthesia. Too little anesthesia may cause the patient to wake up during surgery and suffer excruciating pain, whereas too much anesthesia causes severe, permanent problems such as coma or even death.

Slip of the Hand

Surgeons have a demanding schedule and sometimes are overworked and unable to maintain the highest level of concentration. This results in a “slip of the hand” which can cause delicate nerves, organs, or blood vessels to be severed in an instant, resulting in paralysis or even death.

Wrong-Site Surgery

When a surgeon’s demanding, high level of concentration for extended periods of time is coupled with inadequate patient record keeping by the hospital staff, the doctor may operate on the wrong part of the body.

Left-Behind Surgical Tools

Surgeries are intricate, time consuming and involve a wide-variety of instruments and devices. There are many people involved in even the most routine surgical procedure.   Sometimes there is confusion or hospital malpractice,  and occasionally one or more of these surgical devices can be unaccounted for and remain inside a patient’s body. The result of a left-behind surgical tool  ranges from severe internal bleeding and infection to death.

Failing to Inform

The doctor and hospital have an uncompromising duty to inform you of all of a surgery’s potential dangers and risks in writing. Often times, a hospital’s informed consent form is inadequate or the patient doesn’t understand all of the risks of the procedure.

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