Ohio BWC Takes Steps to Protect Injured Workers from Addiction

Sometimes it’s great to be a leader, such as when you’re running a race or you’re the respected CEO of a Fortune 500 business. However, sometimes being a leader can be downright terrible, such as is the case of Ohio and opioid deaths. Sadly, Ohio claims the unfortunate title of Most Opioid Overdose Deaths in the Nation.

The good news is, something is finally being done about this epidemic. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has finally restricted the prescription of Oxycontin to individuals who were injured on the job here in Ohio. Instead, patients will be given a prescription for Xtampza ER, a type of sustained release oxycodone. Unlike Oxycontin, it has special features that make this prescription medication harder to abuse.

Oxycontin is a Schedule II type of medication, which means that it is considered a controlled substance. This also means that this medicine is easily abused and, even worse, easily overdosed. Every single day, 8 people in our state will die of a drug overdose. 7.4 percent of all overdose deaths in our country came from Ohio.

By switching to Xtampza ER, the Ohio BWC hopes to put a stop to these tragic deaths. Xtampza ER contains abuse-resistant technology, which means that it is harder to crush, melt, inject, or snort this drug. This makes it harder to abuse, and overdose, on this drug.

Nobody ever expects to get injured on the job, much less be given a prescription medication that could put their lives in danger after their injury. If you have been injured at work, it’s extremely important that you reach out to me today at 1 (877) 944-4373 for your free initial consultation.

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