Two million people in the United States face the every day struggle of living without a limb. While many amputations are due to unpreventable diseases such as diabetes and cancer, a large percentage of lost limbs are the result of physical trauma, also known as catastrophic injury.

Losing a limb because of someone else’s mistake is emotionally, physically, and financially damaging. Psychologically, amputees have to overcome the tragic loss of the limb.  They realize their lives will never be the same.  Understandably, many amputees suffer from depression. Physically, they must undergo difficult rehabilitation and therapy to learn how to function. The overall cost of of recovering from an amputation is astronomical. Over the average lifetime, the health care costs for an amputee can exceed $600,000

If you or someone you love suffered a catastrophic injury that resulted in the loss of a limb, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, prostheses, and pain and suffering.

Most individuals who have experienced the loss of a limb will have medical bills from their initial injury, follow-up hospitalizations, inpatient rehab, doctors’ visits, physical and occupational therapy, as well as prostheses.  Some amputees have to hire full-time care. If you lost a limb as the result of negligence, you shouldn’t have to endure that burden alone.

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Loss of Limb
Loss of a limb as a result of an accident or illness is devastating. Physical and emotional challenges are a way of life. Financial hardships often result because of partial or complete disability. The financial burden should not fall on the shoulders of the injured, particularly when the catastrophic accident resulting in an amputation was due to someone else's mistake. Contacting an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer is the first to step to financial healing.