Some of the most emotional cases for me are ones where babies have been denied oxygen. These senseless injuries have a life long impact on not only the victim, but the entire family.When the brain is starved of oxygen, brain damage can occur within minutes and it’s often irreversible.

During pregnancy and delivery, there can be complications that come from a lack of oxygen. The general term for this is fetal distress and during labor, it is usually detected with the use of fetal monitoring strips, fetal stethoscopes, and electronic fetal heart monitoring equipment.

Injuries caused by a lack of oxygen are defined using two basic words. nullAnoxic, meaning that there was a total lack of oxygen, and hypoxic, indicating that there was a partial lack of oxygen. Using these definitions, you can see that anoxic brain injury, cerebral hypoxia, and hypoxic-anoxic injury (HAI) are all ways to describe brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation.

Merely 4 minutes of insufficient oxygen levels causes brain cells to die, and within 5 minutes of deprivation, permanent brain damage can occur. This type of  brain damage can lead to a wide variety of cognitive and physical disorders. Among these types of injuries, seizures are common.

If there are any indicators that there may be fetal distress there are many ways the medical staff can intervene.  Actions such as repositioning the mother, administering an oxygen mask, checking for umbilical cord problems, performing an emergency c-section, and making sure that birth attendants are  that qualified and ready to care for your newborn can all help prevent injuries to your baby’s delicate brain.

Do you think your child’s birth injury was caused a lack of oxygen, and may have been caused by a medical professional’s neglect? Call me today at 1-800-55-Misny and we’ll discuss your case. I will fight and “I’ll Make Them Pay!®” so your child can receive all of the care and therapies needed to help live a productive, full life.

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When Your Baby Doesn't Get Oxygen During Childbirth
This page contains very critical details concerning Obstetrical Malpractice. This content is particularly important for babies injured during childbirth as a result of lack of oxygen. This content will cover facts you need to know before pursuing a case against a doctor due to Medical Malpractice.