Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents During Thanksgiving Holiday Travel


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Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents During Thanksgiving Holiday Travel

Thanksgiving is one of the most dangerous times for holiday driving. Throughout the year, holidays present serious car accident risks for travelers on the road. As the National Safety Council (NSC) points out, in 2017 alone, 463 people died in motor vehicle crashes on Thanksgiving Day and tens of thousands of people sustained injuries in collisions.

According to the American Safety Council, the six most dangerous holidays for driving include the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, Christmas, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. All of these are holidays in which both individuals and families routinely travel to visit friends and other family members around the country, and many people choose to travel by car.

Given that we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and fewer people are flying or using other forms of public transit, it is possible that roads over this year’s Thanksgiving holiday will be even busier than usual. As such, it is more important than ever to take steps to avoid car accidents and life-threatening injuries during this year’s Thanksgiving holiday.

What Can I Do to Avoid Car Accident Injuries This Thanksgiving?

The following are safety recommendations from the NSC for avoiding collisions over Thanksgiving and upcoming holidays:

  • Never drink alcohol before driving—even a drink—and recognize that the night before Thanksgiving often sees some of the highest numbers of intoxicated driving collisions all year;
  • Assign a designated driver for any friends or family members who will be enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday at your home and who are planning to consume alcohol;
  • Require everyone riding in the car to wear a seat belt at all times, and ensure that all younger children are appropriately restrained in an age-appropriate and size-appropriate child safety seat;
  • Learn about defensive driving, and take a course before you hit the road for Thanksgiving;
  • Plan for heavy traffic, recognizing that you might not meet your planned driving time on the road so that you can avoid aggressive driving behaviors or drowsy driving;
  • Never use a smartphone or any other distracting devices when you are behind the wheel; and
  • Make sure to get a full night of sleep the night before you leave on a lengthy car trip for Thanksgiving, understanding that drowsy driving can be a major cause of collisions and can, in some cases, be as dangerous as drunk driving.

Contact My Office to Learn More About Filing a Car Accident Claim

Travel over the holidays can be particularly dangerous, whether you are taking a lengthy road trip to visit friends and family members, or you are simply making a shorter drive to a nearby city to pick up your child from college or to see family friends for Thanksgiving dinner. Intoxicated driving, drowsy driving, and distracted driving can all lead to increased motor vehicle collisions around the holidays, and it is important to take steps to protect yourself and any family members you are transporting in your vehicle. If another driver causes a collision and you get hurt, I want to help you seek the financial compensation you need and deserve following the accident. I’ll Make Them Pay!® Contact me as soon as possible at 877.944.4373 to discuss your car accident claim.

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PJ Camargo/Authentik Movement Training
PJ Camargo/Authentik Movement Training
01:51 22 Oct 20
I've had the pleasure of getting to know Tim personally over the past 2 years. Beyond him being an incredible lawyer &... 'Jack of all trades ' he is an amazing friend. One thing I love most is that he is family oriented & always making quality time for his loved ones. He inspires me to be a great role model &father figure one day. Tim loves nature & shares the true beauty of nature with how he raises his kids. From biking through trails & having his kids learn how to nurture the family garden - he teaches valuable lessons on how to appreciate the world we live in. I know that Tim is just a phone call away & always urgent to responding no matter the situation. He has given me some of the greatest advice & continously throwing positive energy my way! I'm honored to know him & be a friend of his. He is the true practioneer of changing lives & paying it forward. He has taught me so much in just a short amount of time. Tim Misny, a man that wakes up every single day to make a difference!read more
Scott Plate
Scott Plate
16:49 10 Oct 20
Tim has created a highly visible and effective law practice, and despite his decades of experience, he has never once... forgotten why he got into this business in the first place: to help people. He puts his whole heart into his work, and he works hard for everyone he represents. He has a gift for tuning out the noise and tuning into the core of what his clients need, and making it clear he has heard them. As a result, we feel empowered. He is smart, resourceful, creative, positive, and solution-oriented. His abundant energy makes people feel better, stronger, and valued. He loves and promotes his community; he gives back generously, and he always leaves everything better than he found it. Tim is a true man of action, and a man of his word. Could not recommend him more more
Mike M
Mike M
04:44 09 Oct 20
As a young man, I worked at a local garden center. I came from a family that had too many problems to list. I felt I... was never destined to be anything good. I had always wanted to be a police officer since I was a little boy. But, one side of my family told me that I would never be good enough to do it. Anytime I brought it up, they knocked me down until I started to believe that I could never accomplish my dream. One day, about 20 years ago, while working at that garden center, a very tall man came in and asked me to help him select plants. As we walked around the garden center, he struck up a conversation with me. He was very friendly and kind. I was a skinny teenager in dirty blue jeans and a t shirt. This man was dressed very nicely and I was surprised at how nice he was to me. During our conversation, he asked me what I wanted to do with my life after school. I told him that I wanted to be a police officer but many people told me that I’d never make it. I told him how my very own father said I wasn’t smart enough, brave enough, and I was wasting my time. I remember looking at the ground while I explained this to him. The man stopped and got serious. His voice dropped an octave and he looked me dead in the eyes. He pointed his finger at me and told me that I could make anything of my life that I wanted. He told me that it was up to ME to make my life goals come true. He told me to ignore anybody who tells me otherwise. He assured me that if I studied hard in school and never gave up on my dreams that they would become a reality. He told me to say it. I said “I can do it”. In that moment, I thought that if a complete stranger saw something in me, than maybe it could be true.After I helped him through the checkout and he left, many different employees at the garden center asked me if I knew who that man was. I did not. They told me, “That’s Tim Misny!” Once I figured out “who” Tim Misny was, my confidence grew. It was a pivotal moment. One in which steered the rest of my life. His words stuck with me. I worked hard and obtained my Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice. I was hired by a local Law Enforcement Agency at the age of 21. I was sent to the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy, which was an extremely tough place to be, to say the least. At the Academy, they try to break those who don’t have a determined spirit. On days I wanted to quit, I remembered Tim’s words. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was random chance.... I’ll never know But, Tim Misny helped me have the confidence and determination that was necessary to be where I’m at today. I’ve been a law enforcement officer for over 16 years. I’ve told this story to many of my coworkers.Tim, you’ll never understand how your words that spring day helped shape my future. Your words enabled me to provide a great life for myself and my family. I’m forever grateful.Mikeread more
Eric Evans
Eric Evans
21:02 04 Oct 20
Tim has represented me twice, once 30 years ago and again just recently. I was too young to fully appreciate his... expertise when he represented me the first time (as i was a minor who was the victim of an accident - he won for us, incidentally), but I'm old enough and wise enough now to really appreciate how truly great he is. First off, how many attorney's actually give you their cell phone number and actually answer? I would contend very, very few. Secondly, he has a street fighter mentality combined with a sharp legal intellect which makes you immediately think "I'm so glad this guy is on my side." I was really in a bind recently and Tim came through in spades - he is THE person I would call if I were in trouble or needed help - at a minimum he would know who I should talk to and direct me there (he knows his own limits, which is the key to a wise person) - at a maximum he would take on my fight himself and I'd have full confidence in his ability to deliver the best possible outcome for me - he fights for you like you're family - can't say it better than more
Benjamin Firstenberg
Benjamin Firstenberg
19:32 28 Sep 20
I worked as an intern for Tim the summer of 2017 and it was an unbelievable experience both for my career and personal... development. He treats his employees with a level of respect, appreciation and honesty that I've truly not seen anywhere else that I've worked. We've stayed in touch these past few years and I'm still learning from Tim, whether it be the way he sees the world, his career advice or his commitment to his family. He's an honest man who treats people more
David Shelton
David Shelton
01:13 30 Jun 20
I don't know much about Tim the lawyer, but I do know about Tim the man. Tim the man befriended me as a youth and gave... me the motivation to excel in school. Tim the man wrote the letter that got me into college and got me a helpful scholarship. Tim the man gave me an internship while in college. Tim the man has been a friend to me for over ten years. He makes himself available day or night whether I need advice or just want to talk about the day. There a lot of stigmas about attorneys (and they are earned) but Tim Misny bucks the stereotype. And if Tim the lawyer is half a good as Tim the man, he will live up to his word, and make them more
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