Pay attention to the details of your car insurance policy

Many of us do not shop insurance options as often as we should! Insurance for both your home and vehicles should be evaluated on a twice-yearly basis. The vast majority of us will likely shop once every several years at best.  You may love your insurance company or just don’t have the time or interest to look around for better coverage at a better price. For others, insurance may only come into question under certain scenarios:

  • You bought a home
  • You bought a car
  • You need to file a claim
  • Your rates are increasing
  • Your bill is due!

Whether you plan to shop for coverage in the upcoming months, or you want to file this information away for future reference – I urge you to look into adding an umbrella policy to your standard coverage.

What is an Umbrella Policy

On top of a basic insurance policy, umbrella coverage provides exactly as the name implies – above and beyond the coverage from your regular insurance policy.

  • Here’s an example: If you purchase standard vehicle insurance coverage, say $200,000 per person or $400,000 per accident – An umbrella policy can be purchased in an additional amount to provide extra coverage.

For those that have been involved in a serious accident, whether you are at fault or not – Your insurance company may be picking up the tab. The funds can cap out very quickly in serious accidents, as medical bills, repairs, rental costs and more all begin to add up. An umbrella policy offers the added coverage at a time when you need it most.

Selecting an Umbrella Policy

Choose an umbrella policy that makes sense for you! It is not likely that your insurance provider will openly offer this option. Alternatively, be prepared to ask the question the next time you plan to update your policy, shop for new coverage or even file a claim.

Your umbrella policy can vary depending on your personal circumstance and your family’s. If you have minimal healthcare coverage, select a higher umbrella policy to ensure that in a medical emergency resulting from an accident, you will be completely covered. For just a few hundred dollars this extra policy can be a true life saver when the unthinkable happens.

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Why is an Umbrella Insurance Policy Necessary?
Many drivers are not aware of umbrella insurance policy options. This is primarily due to the fact insurance companies to not actively promote them. Insurance companies risk heavy payouts if a serious accident occurs. Umbrella coverage provides added coverage when a person needs it most. In most cases the umbrella policy kicks in when the standard policy has reached its maximum monetary payout. Umbrella policies can literally be life savers for people without health insurance coverage. Contact your insurance provider and ask about umbrella coverage options. If your insurance company does not offer umbrella coverage options, go to an insurance provider that does.