When you become pregnant, your body goes through many changes. Some are minor and manageable, while others are more drastic. At times, it can be difficult to recognize what changes are normal and what changes are a cause for concern.

It is important to be aware of and communicate all potential symptoms with your obstetrician. Some conditions, such as gestational diabetes, have symptoms that don’t seem serious, but can actually be very dangerous for the mother and child.

Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that only occurs during pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes affects up to seven percent of all pregnancies. It is caused when the body fails to produce adequate amounts of insulin, the hormone that turns blood sugar into energy. During pregnancy the body produces increased levels of blood sugar, which means the body needs increased levels of insulin to adequately manage the higher blood sugar levels.

Gestational diabetes is often discovered by glucose screenings that are performed around the 28th week of pregnancy. Women who are older, obese, and/or currently have diabetes are at the greatest risk of acquiring gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes creates risks for both mother and baby during pregnancy and at birth.

One of the greatest risks associated with gestational diabetes has to do with the baby’s weight. Because the fetus has too much glucose in his or her blood, the baby’s pancreas has to produce more insulin, which causes weight gain in the fetus.

Sometimes the weight of the baby makes him or her too large to enter the birth canal (Macrosomia), which can lead to birth injuries, such as shoulder dystocia.

Other birth complications associated with gestational diabetes include fractured bones or nerve damage of the infant, as well as possible brain damage due to a lack of oxygen during the birthing process.

That is why it is so important that your doctor recognize the symptoms of gestational diabetes and treat you accordingly. Often, this means scheduling a cesarean birth to avoid complications.

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