It’s no secret that motorcycles are much more dangerous than any other motor vehicle on the road. Despite this well-known fact, motorcycles remain a popular form of transportation and entertainment. Drivers are willing to take the risk to enjoy the thrill of riding a motorcycle.

Because of their size and design, motorcycles are vulnerable to the road in ways that other motor vehicles are not. However, it is precisely the size and design of motorcycles that make them so popular. If you are willing to accept the risks associated with riding a motorcycle, it is important that you understand how motorcycle accidents happen.

The following are three common types of motorcycle accidents in Ohio: 

1. Single-Vehicle Accidents Involving Only the Motorcycle

Accidents involving only the motorcycle may occur for a number of reasons; some are the fault of the rider, and some are due to things out of the rider’s control. Alcohol and speeding account for a great number of these single-vehicle accidents.

Lane splitting, another common cause, occurs when riders drive between two lanes of slow or stopped traffic. Being so close to the other cars, and the lack of space makes this action very dangerous for motorcyclists.

Other common single motorcycle accidents include: road hazards (i.e. potholes, road kill, uneven pavement, gravel), bad weather conditions, and any other unexpected road variables. While a car has the stability and control to overcome road hazards and bad weather conditions, motorcycles are much more susceptible to these dangers.

2. Single-Vehicle Accidents Involving the Motorcycle and a Fixed Object

Motorcycle collisions with fixed objects can be extremely dangerous. When a fixed object accident occurs in a car, the result may be a simple fender bender; however, if a motorcycle collides with a fixed object, the result can be deadly.

Since a motorcyclist isn’t protected by an enclosure, a fixed object motorcycle accident usually results in two collisions – first the collision is with the object, and the second collision is with the road when the rider is thrown from the motorcycle. Common fixed objects involved in motorcycle accidents include: trees, signs, and car doors.

3. Accidents Involving the Motorcycle and Another Motor Vehicle

The size and common road actions of motorcycles make them vulnerable to other motor vehicles on the road. Car drivers often have trouble seeing motorcycles due to sun glare obstructed views, or simply because they aren’t expecting to see them.

The most deadly cause of an accident between motorcycles and other motor vehicles is a head-on collision, and unfortunately, this is very common. Another very dangerous situation for motorcyclists occurs when a car is making a left-hand turn. Cars making left-hand turns often strike motorcyclists as they are going through intersections, passing cars, and/or trying to overtake cars.

Despite these dangers, there are precautions you can take to avoid becoming the victim of a motorcycle accident.

First and foremost, it is important to learn how to properly operate a motorcycle. Take a safety course and make sure before you get on the road, you know exactly what you’re doing. Secondly, wear a helmet. Make sure you have the right equipment to protect yourself. Take steps to make yourself more visible to other drivers, whether it is with your clothing or adding reflective accents to your motorcycle. Finally, keep a clear head and stay sober.

Once you’re on the road, know and obey all traffic rules. Know the condition of the roads you’re driving on. Pay close attention to the cars around you, know the traffic patterns, and be a defensive driver. Force yourself to check and double-check intersections. Don’t trust the drivers around you, and lastly, watch the weather.

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