With water temperatures at their highest in the month of August, you see more and more people making their way out onto Lake Erie. Recent reports show there are over 430,000 registered boats in Ohio. In 2012, there were close to 200 reported boating accidents with 11 accidents resulting in fatalities.

Living this close to a large body of water is a blessing. It is, without a doubt, one of the things that make northeast Ohio the best location in the nation, but it doesn’t come without it’s risks.

Most boating accidents are preventable with some basic safety precautions, like wearing a life jacket, following basic safety rules, and simply paying closer attention to your surroundings. The following are the most common types of boating accidents in Ohio:

  • Falling Overboard (47% of all boating fatalities)
  • Flooding or Swamping of the Boat (22% of all boating fatalities)
  • Collision with Another Vessel (15% of all boating fatalities)

Boating accidents are caused by a number of other factors. The factors contributing to boating accidents in Ohio generally fall into one of three categories:

1. Boating while Under the Influence (BUI) – Boating under the influence just like driving under the influence is a crime. There is no possible way to keep yourself safe if you are impaired while operating any type of vehicle. Furthermore, even if you aren’t operating the boat, alcohol could result in falling overboard, unnecessary distraction, and other unsafe practices. If you plan on operating a boat or even riding on one, avoid alcohol.

2. Boating in Adverse Weather/Water Conditions – Before you head out on the water, check the weather and water conditions. Water is unpredictable and it is important to be well-informed. It can be difficult to maintain control of a boat under adverse conditions, and sudden storms can cause a multitude of problems.

3. Inexperienced Boating – Safe boating takes knowledge and experience. Boating with someone who is inexperienced can be dangerous. It is important to take as many safety precautions as possible, such as taking boating safety classes, wearing life jackets, and posting a lookout for hazards. Furthermore, the most important thing you can do when boating is to pay close attention to your surroundings.

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What are the Most Common Causes of Boating Accidents in Ohio?
Boating Accidents can be as devastating as a car accident, yet many boaters are unaware of the true dangers. Texting, drinking, distraction are leading causes of boating accidents... just like car accidents. Just because you may be in open water, it doesn't minimize the danger. Be safe!
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