Cerebral Palsy is caused by trauma during critical brain development stages. Often, this happens during labor and delivery. For example, if a baby becomes distressed during delivery, and doctors fail to recognize and/or respond to that distress, the child may not get enough oxygen, which can cause Cerebral Palsy. When this happens, the doctor may be held negligent and responsible for the permanent injury.

There are four types of Cerebral Palsy:

1. Ataxic – A rare form of Cerebral palsy (only affects 5-10% of people)

2. Athetoid – Slow and uncontrolled movements (affects 10-20% of Cerebral Palsy patients)

3. Spastic – Muscles stay in constant involuntary reflex (most common form, affecting 70-80% of patients)

4. Mixed – A combination of Spastic and athetoid cerebral palsy

Anytime there is a complicated delivery, cerebral palsy should be suspected. Infants will undergo a test immediately after birth, testing for potential problems. A low score on the APGAR test could be indicative of Cerebral Palsy.

Treatment for cerebral palsy is difficult, and there is currently no cure. Physical therapy, drug therapy, and surgery are the only options.  Cerebral Palsy patients will also need speech, psychological, and occupational therapy. Children suffering from this disorder will face a lifetime of developmental problems.

Cerebral Palsy may be caused by negligence when:

  • Doctors fail to detect infections in the mother during pregnancy
  • Doctors fail to plan a cesarean delivery even though vaginal birth may be difficult (for example, because the baby is too large)
  • Mistakes are made using delivery instruments
  • Doctors fail to monitor fetal heart rate
  • There is a delay in performing a c-section

Most children affected by Cerebral Palsy have it from birth, but aren’t officially diagnosed until they are a few years old. In every 1000 births, between 2-4 children will have Cerebral Palsy and the lasting effects that come with it.

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Four Types of Cerebral Palsy
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