The City Mission of Cleveland

Throughout the year, and especially during the holiday season, my heart and thoughts are always with the incredible folks at E55th and Carnegie, at The City Mission of Cleveland. Just outside the heart of our downtown area, The City Mission has provided assistance to individuals and families for more than 100 years; during their most dire times.

From housing, food, supplies, job training, placement opportunities, mental health support, spiritual guidance and so much more – Reverend Rich and his “family’ of amazing individuals light up and step up to make our community a better place.

Holiday Cheer at The City Mission of Cleveland

For many of us, the holidays are a time to celebrate, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy the festivities of the season. Sadly, many people in our community are jobless, homeless or ill, and therefore unable to enjoy life, let alone the holidays.

Particularly during the holiday season and winter months, The City Mission is in desperate need of donations. From gently used clothing and household items, to non-perishable food and monetary contributions – Your generous donation goes a long way to help local families in need.

It is an honor to join Reverend Rich to volunteer at The City Mission! Every time I visit The City Mission, there is certainly no shortage of tasks that can use an extra set of helping hands. I encourage you to bring your friends and family and spend a little time helping our neighbors in need.  Helping others will warm your heart and theirs!

Making Our Community a Better Place

There is no doubt that our lives go through ebb and flow of change, but for many The City Mission of Cleveland is/ has been a life raft; keeping families fed, warm and safe during their time of need and in a world filled with uncertainty.   This Christmas season and in 2016, I ask that you join me in helping this amazing Cleveland organization! Visit The City Mission online, or call today! 216-431-3510.