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You probably have many warm memories of your parents and your grandparents from when you were younger: baking cookies in a sunny kitchen, hearing stories about what it was like when they were kids, and just general fondness in your heart when thinking of them. You cherish those special memories just like you cherish your loved one.

That’s what makes it all the more puzzling and heartbreaking when we hear stories about nursing home neglect. How could these nurses and aids treat our loved ones with such cruelty? It’s absolutely outrageous and devastating how these things are allowed to happen so often.

Recently, two shocking cases made their rounds in the news. In one instance, a family’s elderly mother was left abandoned with her face slumped into a pillow. When her children inquired about her whereabouts, the staff had told them that she was moved to a private room. Instead, she was wheeled into a nurse’s station and left alone to choke on her pillow. It was suspected that the neglect of this 80-year-old woman had been ongoing.

Another tragic case involved an aunt and a son checking on their family member, only to find her deceased while in the care of a nursing home facility. The 41-year-old had suffered a stroke the year before and needed constant attendance, but the family was suspicious about the quality of care she was getting when they found her on the floor during past visits. Her surviving family is left wondering how long it would have taken before her body was found, as it was already cold when they checked on her.

Nursing home neglect is a serious problem that is plaguing our elderly and disabled loved ones. 95 percent of all nursing home residents reported that they have personally experienced neglect. Nursing home neglect can take on many forms, but may include:

  • Not meeting their basic needs. This can include not giving them enough food or water, or not making sure they had a clean and safe living area.
  • Not taking care of their personal hygiene. This includes not making sure they are bathed, their clothes are changed, or their teeth brushed.
  • Not giving them proper medical care. This may include not making sure they take their medicine properly, or if the patient develops bedsores or other injuries.
  • Not meeting their emotional needs. This might include not allowing them to socialize or visit, or even yelling at them or insulting them.

Some of the leading causes of nursing home neglect are lack of proper staff training, shortage of staff, and unqualified aids working at the facility. Please understand that it is never your fault or the fault of your loved one.

When the staff are not trained properly, it can lead to your loved one being harmed. The staff needs to have the knowledge and training to help keep your loved one safe. When a facility is short on staff, the remaining staff are left to run around to try to do the work of their coworkers. Sadly, that often leads to your loved one suffering neglect, as there are not enough staff members to monitor them and keep them out of harm’s way. And when the aids are not qualified for their job, then they will not have the ability to keep your loved one safe. These shortcomings, when they occur, can be a lethal combination.

If you suspect that a loved one in a nursing home is being neglected, you have rights, and so do they. You can read more about them on these websites:

  • Ohio’s Long-Term Care Consumer Guide
  • Ohio Department of Health
  • Federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

First and foremost, though, you need to call me right away at 1 (877) 944-4373 for a free initial consultation. The sooner you act, the better the outcome can be for your loved one. As your lawyer, I can do two key things for you. First, I’ll get you the maximum amount of financial compensation for the harm that befell your loved one. Second, I’ll work to change any policies that were in place that led to their neglect in the first place.

As your lawyer, I understand that it can be upsetting and scary to learn your loved one was neglected. If you ever want to talk about it, please feel free to call my personal cell phone number any time, day or night. I’ll give you my number and I will absolutely answer when you call. I’ll also meet you any time, any place, to discuss your case with you. Furthermore, I’ll do all of this on a contingency basis, which means you won’t pay me a single penny to have me represent you.

I have served the greater Cleveland, Ohio, area for nearly forty years and I’m ready to represent you. I take on Big Cases with Big Results, and I’ll face the nursing home facility head-on. If your loved one has suffered from neglect from a nursing home, I’ll work for you – and I’ll Make Them Pay!®



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