The rise of sports-related head injuries is undeniable; statistics prove it, and unfortunately many parents see it firsthand. The ongoing awareness campaign about sports-related head injuries continues to shed light on this monumental problem. Awareness and open discussion is the first step, but real action must be taken to see a true reduction in the number of traumatic head injuries.

A recent New York Times article announced that 8 Ivy League football coaches are working to adopt a new approach by limiting full contact in practices.

This new method was first used by Dartmouth football coach Buddy Teevens in 2010. All eight Ivy League coaches voted unanimously to adopt Coach Teevens’ approach. The schools includes Yale, Brown, Columbia, Princeton, Cornell, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania.

How does this new practice approach work?

A robotic tackling dummy is used as mobile ‘virtual’ player. The robotic dummy moves up and down the field with players to simulate in-game play.

This method will benefit athletes and their families in many ways:

  • Decrease the number of concussions in both practices and games
  • Decrease the number of bodily injuries (broken bones, sprains, etc.)
  • Teach proper tackling techniques that will, in turn, lower injury risk
  • Provide more comprehensive, valuable practices without injury interruptions

The number of football-related head trauma may be even higher but many go unreported.

The rise in traumatic brain injuries among athletes has been an ongoing concern for many parents, coaches, players and medical professionals. There were 271 reported concussions during the 2015 NFL season, and 166 during the 2015 college football season.

The practice changes being made by the Ivy League schools is simply a single effort in dealing with this epidemic of traumatic brain injuries among our athletes. One too many young adults experience severe head injuries that can, and often does, result in lifelong impairment.

Exposing the risks and keeping the dialog open between parents, coaches, players and the medical community will keep this issue in the limelight. Please share this information with loved ones in an effort to reduce this monumental problem!

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Reducing Head Injuries—8 Ivy Leagues Will Limit Full Contact Football Practices
Traumatic head injuries resulting from contact sports is a huge problem. Finally, universities are taking notice and making great strides to reduce head injury potential. Recently, all eight Ivy League schools have implemented limited contact football practices. It is my hope that all of the schools and universities in the country will follow suit.
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