Cleveland Plain Dealer

Tim and Stephanie Misny enjoying lunch with son Maximilian Aldrovandi

“I’ll Make Them Pay!®” says Tim Misny on his TV commercials. But his son Maximilian Aldrovandi Misny knows just how to break through his dad’s tough lawyer façade. “Everything takes on fresh new meaning,” said Misny. “To see the world from the eyes of a little boy certainly puts everything in perspective.”

Q: You’re a local boy?

A: Yes, I am as local as they come. I was born in Euclid and raised at East 230th Street off Chardon Road. I went to St. Paul’s Elementary School, St. Joseph High School, John Carroll University and Cleveland-Marshall Law School.

Q: What’s your heritage?

A: My paternal grandfather, Janos Mizanyin, came to Cleveland from Velky Rusko, Slovakia. He wanted a better life for his family in America. The Mizanyin name was shortened to Misny at Ellis Island. On my 50th birthday, I made a pilgrimage to Slovakia and met five generations of my family and lectured at a local law school.