OU Sorority Personal Injury Claim

I have 3 young children at home, but I know in the blink of an eye I will be loading up the car and driving my son Max to college! As parents, we instill values, guide our children to be productive members of society, and pray they stay safe while doing so.

Many universities boast social safety, but physical safety is often an afterthought.  I am not talking about harm caused by another person, but rather harm caused by poorly maintained buildings, sidewalks, roads and more.  Kids and parents alike are often overwhelmed with the application process, school tours, and financial aid and easily overlook the most basic safety aspects.

An Ohio University news headline caught my attention – A Sorority member suffered a serious injury in the sorority house where she lived.  An automatic-closing door with a sharp extruding mechanism severed her Achilles tendon.

The sorority chapter that owns the house in which this injury occurred denied any wrongdoing and said the victim should have had reasonable knowledge of the door mechanism.  In many instances, victims of personal injury on a college campus may feel as though they contributed to their own injury an do not seek legal recourse.  The problem is the victim is not justly compensated, nor are changes mandated to ensure other students remain safe.

Promoting a Safe Environment

As a personal injury attorney, the number one question I am asked regards the validity of a case. More often than not, legal action for injuries on college campuses are not sought and as such we don’t know how many more injuries could have been prevented if proper legal recourse was taken from the outset?

For this case and many others like it, the importance of reporting an incident and holding responsible parties accountable can minimize safety concerns and future occurrences.

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