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You can buy rare and expensive ED medicines online much cheaper. In addition, online pharmacies often offer a wide variety of generics that cannot be found in local pharmacies. As you can see from numerous comments, users actively share recommendations, urging them to save money, not overpay to pharmacies for expensive original drugs, but to replace them with analogs that have the same active ingredient.

Church Square Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.4)

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Church Square Pharmacy is truly sucked. You call in your prescription, and they say it’ll be ready the same day. You go to pick it up, and they sit there looking clueless behind the counter, telling you, “oh, we have to order it.” This has happened to me multiple times with my birth control, and they literally act like I’m coming to pick up food and not an actual prescription as I can just take it at any time. It’s really annoying. Maybe do some better hiring, or hire someone with common sense to actually call their customers and let them know that their prescription isn’t going to be ready like they said.

Great Customer Service. Buchanan Drugs Pharmacy made it easy for me to order my breast pump, and it was covered by my insurance.

ViaQX Online Drugstore (Google Rating: 4.1)

https://viaqx.com/ 3100 W 117th St, Cleveland, OH 44111, United States +12163250773

The awesome woman pharmacist, Sue i think shame on me as her and the young lady who is there with her, always remembers my name.  They repeatedly go above and beyond in all phases of acquiring your prescriptions, any over the counter needs. The changes from CVS now owning the pharmacy has not stopped this pharmacist from being as helpful and courteous even though she lost her  lunch break , is alone many times that i have been there.  This pharmacy is a busy location , I am guilty of dropping scripts off and requesting ViaQX Online Drugstore /stating I wish to wait for ED medications as I just finished a Dr.s appointment wanting to complete all phases of said appointment.  I never have received anything but a sweet question of “20 minutes ok “.  From this pharmacist And or assistant

Cleveland Lowcost Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.1)

http://lowcostpharmacies.com/ 14529 Puritas Ave, Cleveland, OH 44135, United States +12164761400

I tried to call in and kept getting disconnected. And then when it did pick up, it said, we’re sorry our staff is taking other calls; please hold on, and we’ll be right with you. Well, that’s fine. But that message played over and over in the loop. I’ll bet I heard it’s 75 times before they hung up on me.

I used to go to one of those “chain” pharmacies and dreaded it every time I had to go. Then my drug insurance changed and could be used at other pharmacies. Hallelujah!! I quickly went to Cleveland Lowcost Pharmacy. I found the staff to be friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient. I rarely spend more than five minutes whenever I get my prescriptions filled. I can definitely recommend Hazelton Pharmacy for my compounded Rx’s.

Clark Low Cost Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.3)

http://lowcostpharmacies.com/ 3107 Clark Ave, Cleveland, OH 44109, United States +12166518685

Great staff and great pharmacist. Josh made sure everything was taken care of. I am extremely impressed. Clark Low Cost Pharmacy is my new pharmacy!!!!!

The wait time to get prescriptions is ridiculous! And sometimes you get there after seeing the prescription is ready, to wait in a 30 min line just to be told they are “finishing up” and go get back in line. Customer service is a joke there.