Is Your Life Worth a Gold Medal?

It is one of the biggest events in the world. We all eagerly sit back, and wait patiently for it to occur. Every couple of years the best sporting events in the world to take place, The Olympics. Athletes from all around the world train for years or even decades, for that one opportunity to meet up and compete for the prestigious honor of winning a gold medal. They wish for that moment of standing on the podium, representing their country, and knowing they are the best in the world. But what comes with this fame and piece of gold? To some it just may show their hard work and dedication, but others know that with being an Olympian, your life is on the line every second.

Is The Risk Worth The Reward?

This year in Pyeongchang, South Korea there is one event known as the Men’s Downhill. This event draws in the fastest and most elite skiers from all around the world. Although they are the best, they are all nervous for what might come along with their chance at gold… DEATH.

Less than 3 months ago, French Skier David Poisson died at a training run in Alberta, Canada. The skier tumbled downhill, broke through 3 nets of safety lining and struck a tree. This 35-year-old male was a top skilled professional at the World Cup, as well as a bronze medalist in the World Championship in 2013. He was training for his chance at the Olympics, but unfortunately never made it that far.

This is a prime example that no matter how good an athlete may become, they still must assume the risk that every run may be their last. This goes beyond just the Olympics and applies to all athletes. Regardless of different ages or what sport you are in, the inherent risk is present.

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