Tim Misny is all smiles whenever he’s talking about his lush “Misnyland” estate in Waite Hill, his wife, Stephanie, and their son, Maximilian Aldrovandi Misny.

But get him discussing past cases or his passion for the law, and you’ll see his eyes begin to squint, his hands start flailing and intensity sets in.

The man known for “I’ll Make Them Pay!®” has made a name for himself in Northeast Ohio and beyond through policy-changing litigation and multimillion dollar settlements for many of the 17,500-plus clients he and his contract attorneys have represented in the past three decades. But he’s also known as an unrelenting, no-nonsense tough talker.

Q: Do you believe that intensity has added to your business, or it is just that you’re more visible? Are people really attracted to that?

A: There’s no question that they’re attracted to it. I think people sense that I take it personal. How could you be effective and not take it personal?

I think when you take it personal, it notches up the intensity factor. It has to if you’re going to be effective.

You have to be aggressive, I don’t apologize for that or for coming on strong. I don’t apologize for going to court and asking for punitive damages. I don’t apologize for that because that’s part of the fight. You have to have that mindset.

I think the reason we’re so successful is because we put incredible funding into a case.

We bring in teams of experts, including accident reconstructionists, Ph.D. economists, life-care planners to prove the elements of the case.