Did your medication cause your baby’s birth defect?

Medication and improper medication management can often be the cause for a tragic birth injury or birth defects. As we learn more and more about the drugs commonly prescribed, the more warnings and restrictions occur.  While a drug may be allowed now, it can be deemed dangerous in the future as research progresses.  Further, mistakes in medication type or dosage pose a very real threat to any pregnancy.

  • Medication with Dangerous Side Effects
  • Wrong Drugs
  • Wrong Doses
  • Wrong Labor Drugs

Medication prescribed during your pregnancy or during labor must be deemed necessary and safe for both you and your unborn baby.

Recognized Dangers

One of the more commonly discussed family of medications is known as SSRIs, which are used to treat anxiety and depression.  Once acceptable, SSRIs are now known to cause a host of issues for an unborn baby, including spina bifida, pulmonary hypertension, developmental issues and more.  Common drugs like Prozac, Lexapro and Zoloft are no longer safe for mothers and their unborn children. Just a short time ago, this simply wasn’t the case and countless families suffered tragic birth defects and even death.

Other common types of medications that can cause issues for your baby include antibiotics, benzodiazepines used for seizures or anxiety, acne medications, cancer medications, some OTC pain medications and more. The list is truly endless!

Other Medication Errors During Pregnancies

In addition to failing to monitor your medication during your pregnancy, you are also at risk for other medication errors.

  • Dosage issues
  • Similar name confusions
  • Handwriting problems
  • Epidural issues
  • Using drugs for other then what they are prescribed

If you took medication during your pregnancy, and your baby suffered a birth injury or birth defect, you must contact my offices immediately.

A decade ago, many of the medications we now know to be dangerous, were commonly and freely prescribed.

As your Ohio birth injury attorney, I’ll be there for you, and I’ll Make Them Pay!®

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Medication and Birth Defect and Injury Consequences
Prescription medications are a blessing and a curse. All to often, medications successfully treat what they are prescribed for, but adversely effect an unborn baby. Sadly, years go by and thousands of babies are born with birth defects or are injured because medication prescribed for the mom was not recognized threat to the unborn baby.
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