Vaccines protect you and the people around you. Older adults, those aged 65 and up, are one of the most vulnerable groups in terms of being at risk for a multitude of communicable diseases. Getting vaccinated can provide indirect protection from infectious diseases for those who have not developed immunity, such as infants who are too young to be vaccinated or individuals with weakened immune systems. Recently, older Americans are not getting recommended vaccinations. This indirect protection is known as herd immunity.

Below is a list over recommended vaccines for older Americans.

  • Influenza
    • The flu is the deadliest among adults 65 and older. This vaccine is recommended every year during the fall or winter. Last flu season, only two thirds of those between the ages of 65 an 74 were inoculated against the flu.
  • Tetanus and Diphtheria (Td)
    • All adults need a Td booster every 10 years. Almost 50% of those aged 65 and older do not keep up to date on this important vaccination.
  • Pneumococcal
    • Many deaths occur from complication from pneumonia among older Americans. Two pneumococcal inoculations are recommended for those 65 and older, to be administered at separate times. Over 60% of older people have not had this vaccination.
  • Pertussis
    • Whooping Cough can be deadly in infants. If those 60 and older have regular contact with infants, such as grandchildren or great grandchildren it is necessary to get the inoculation in order to prevent the risk of passing it to them. Of infant deaths from whooping cough, 83% of babies get it from a family member; 93% of infants who pass from the disease are too young to be vaccinated. This is an example of the importance of herd immunity.
  • Shingles
    • This painful rash is most common among those aged 50 and older and those with weak immune systems. About 65% of those 65 and older have never had the shingles vaccine. This inoculation is recommended for those 60 and older.


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Article Name
The Importance of Vaccination: Adults Aged 65 and Older
Older Americans, aged 65 and up do not often get the recommended vaccinations. Provided is an overview of the list of recommended inoculation and reasons for the importance of these sometimes life saving precautions.