With March being Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month, I want to bring attention to some of the less obvious consequences of traumatic brain injury.

Studies show that at least half of all of the homeless people in the United States have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

In light of this alarming statistic, it is important to understand the reasons behind the correlation found with TBI and our county’s problem with homelessness.

When a person suffers a concussion or traumatic brain injury, it affects their ability to focus and brings about personality changes. Often, it causes them to have problems at work because they find it difficult to complete some of the tasks they once took for granted. Their family life can suffer for the same reasons. For some, these changes eventually lead to job loss and separation from family; the downward spiral begins.

Take a moment to consider the following traumatic brain injury statistics:

  • 75% of people with TBI were injured before the age of 18
  • Of those who sustained a TBI, 87% were injured before they lost their homes
  • Multiple TBIs are common
  • 66% of individuals sustained a least one TBI from assault
  • 42% of all traumatic brain injuries result from a motor vehicle accident
  • 44% result from a sports injury
  • 42% occur as a result of a fall

This leads me to believe those with traumatic brain injuries may not be getting the proper treatment and rehabilitation. The notion that someone else’s negligence and/or inadequate medical care could completely derail someone’s life; preventing them from becoming productive members of society is simply heartbreaking.

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Homelessness: A Consequence of Traumatic Brain Injury?
We don't often equate homelessness to traumatic brain injury, but recent research suggests a totally different picture. The association between traumatic brain injury and homelessness is actually alarming. Here is 1 fact: 87% of people who lost their homes suffered a traumatic brain injury prior to their homelessness. Why such a staggering number? What is the medical community missing or overlooking? Are we placing ourselves at greater risk for a traumatic brain injury? Find answers to some of these questions in the content above.
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