Celebrate the Season & Stay Safe!

We are well into the 2015 holiday season and it is simply unbelievable!  We may not have the snow and cold temperatures we are used to, but the holiday spirit is alive and well.  Keep in mind, this time of year also brings a potential increase in slips & falls and traffic accidents.  Keep you and your family safe this holiday season. Do not drink and drive.  Do not drive when you are tired.  Do not text and drive! Keep your eyes and ears open!

Keep Safe & Cheerful Outdoors

Last minute errands, packed roads, strange weather and general holiday stress are all running at full capacity this time of year. From the increase in traffic to the increase in tasks and plans – it seems we are running from one place to the next spreading Christmas cheer. Remember to slow down and abide by all traffic and safety laws.  Be aware of your surroundings, and plan ahead for unpredictable or inclement weather!

Plan for extra travel time and long store lines. From groceries to gifts, everyone is out and in a hurry. Keep a close eye on your little ones; keep them in a cart or stroller when possible. Be vigilant to avoid potential dangers, broken items, and other hazards because store employees are often overburdened and can’t keep up!

Home Safety During the Holidays

Before the holiday season take the time to test your fire, smoke and CO2 detectors. Between Christmas trees, cooking, space heaters, colder temperatures and decorations, the chance for electrical issues and fire definitely increases.

In the kitchen, be mindful of small children and potential hazards around the stove. Sharp objects and other dangerous utensils can accidentally be left out and in reach of small children..   The same goes for decorations, treats and new toys; be mindful of potential dangers.

Celebrate and Enjoy!

The holidays are definitely a favorite time of year in the Misny household, and it is important to remember to slow down, stay safe and enjoy all of the little things these magical moments have to offer!

Wishing You Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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Holiday Injury Avoidance Tips
The holiday season is wonderful, but it can be stressful and at times quite dangerous. Malls are overcrowded, roads are packs, people are rushed, retail staff are overworked which can all lead to hazardous situations and injury. Be realistic and give yourself sufficient travel time. Make sure you and your car are ready for inclement weather. If you see food or spilled drinks on the mall floor, tell someone so no one is hurt. Be patient, kind and thankful!