Officer Involved Auto Accident

An Ohio couple involved in a car accident has filed suit against two townships and several officers. Following a calculated traffic stop, a chain of events unfolded leaving this couple severely injured at no fault of their own. The accident in and of itself involved a fleeing suspect, but the question is, could the officers have prevented this tragedy?

The innocent couple reportedly suffered injuries resulting in over $200,000 in medical bills, as well as tremendous pain and suffering.  The injured couple’s car was just one of several vehicles hit by the fleeing suspect, but their injuries were particularly catastrophic. The township responded to the lawsuit by saying the couple was partly to blame, and that emergency response laws protect the officers.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

The events leading up to this accident reportedly involved a calculated drug bust with an unpredictable criminal. The suspect was to be stopped in his vehicle and apprehended, as it was thought easier/better than t conduct a home raid due to the propensity for danger and outbursts from the suspect. If the suspect fled, officers were instructed not to pursue. Unfortunately on this particular day, the suspect did in fact flee and police did in fact pursue, resulting in injury to several innocent people.

While the brave police men and women deserve the utmost respect and admiration, it is still important to recognize that careless behavior leading to avoidable consequences is simply unacceptable. Had the officers planned and handled the situation differently as directed, the 107 mile-per-hour race through town could have been avoided. By pursuing the suspect against orders, and placing the spike strips that ultimately sent the vehicle careening, the officers and the township seem to have some explaining to do.

In today’s day and age, technology coupled with advanced police skills make it virtually impossible to disappear. The assailant could have been easily apprehended after the fact! In this particular case, based on the available information in the news, it seems this couple is entitled to fair compensation.

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Holding Responsible Parties Accountable: Police Pursuit
The question is, should police and emergency response drivers be held accountable if their actions resulted in injury to innocent victims. In most instances, police and emergency crews do an excellent job of avoiding accidents. The problem arises when police or emergency drivers take unjustified risks that result in injury to innocent pedestrians or drivers.
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