It has been reported over 30 million more Americans have health insurance as a result of new healthcare laws. Consequently, over 30 million more Americans are seeking treatment from the same pool of available doctors prior to this rapid increase.

This means doctors are forced to take on many more patients, dramatically increasing their workload. According to a recent survey, over 40 percent of doctors think the number of patients they treat in a month exceeds safe levels.

Doctors’ excessive workload undermines the safety of patients and results in unnecessary medical errors.

Annually, 98,000 patients die in the hospital as a result of preventable medical mistakes. The author of a survey by JAMA Internal Medicine attributes many of these mistakes to doctors’ workload.

“Excessively increasing the workload may lead to suboptimal care and less direct patient care time…excess workload prevents doctors from fully discussing treatment options, causes delay in patient admissions and/or discharges, and worsens patient satisfaction… workload contributed to patient transfers, morbidity, and even mortality.”

Doctors with an excessive workload don’t have time to get to know their patients.

Personalized health care is crucial to doctor and patient success. When doctors aren’t able to adequately communicate with their patients, it becomes difficult for them to properly diagnose and treat their patients.

While healthcare reform has taken great steps in the right direction, we have to make sure, as a society, that we are receiving the right type of healthcare. It is important to remember, we want quality over quantity.

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Healthcare Reform Causing Dangerous Increase in Doctors' Workload
According to a survey by JAMA Internal Medicine, medical errors increase as doctor's workload increases. Healthcare reform has enabled millions of people to obtain healthcare coverage. As a result, more people are now seeking doctor care, however the number of physicians caring for all of these patients remains the same. The burden falls onto the physician can yield an increase in preventable medical mistakes.
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