Recently a woman received a settlement for her personal injury claim against DuPont – Netting her 1.6 million dollars in compensatory and punitive damages. While there is certainly no definitive way to put a price tag on pain, emotional toll, or the other aspects of life that are impacted when our health is ailing, this is a much deserved ruling.

This injury settlement is predicted to be the first in a series of more than 3,500 cases against DuPont for knowingly contaminating water and concealing the details of these operations. In Parkersburg Ohio, a variety of victims have experienced painful, expensive and traumatic repercussions as a result of the contaminated water caused by DuPont. An 8-year exhaustive study proved there was indeed a link from the intentional water contamination to a host of diseases. For individuals living near the DuPont plant, this could mean cancers, heart problems, digestive issues and more. DuPont is expected to appeal the verdict, but for now this victim and a host of others are celebrating the victory.

Holding Responsible Parties Accountable

While the process may seem insurmountable, my clients know that egregious behavior from corporate big-leagues must have consequences. Your health and wellness are your most precious possession!

As an experienced injury attorney for more than 4 decades, navigating the laws, acquiring expert testimonies and supporting a successful case from start to finish is my passion.  For companies that commit egregious and negligent actions, strict financial punishments are often the only way to send the message and prevent future occurrences.

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Author: Tim Misny | For over four decades, personal injury lawyer Tim Misny has represented the injured victim in birth injury, medical malpractice, and catastrophic injury/wrongful death cases, serving “ClevelandAkron/CantonColumbusDayton and neighboring communities.” You can reach Tim by email at or call at 1 (877) 944-4373.
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DuPont Guilty: Personal Injury Victim Wins Settlement
Big corporations cannot hide from purposeful negligent acts that cause devastating injury to innocent victims! As a personal injury lawyer in Ohio, I know first-hand what it takes to win a personal injury action against a large corporation. If you or a loved one has been made a victim by the negligence of a large corporation, it is imperative to contact an experience injury attorney. My clients know I have the monetary resources to fight the biggest companies and deliver justice for them.
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