Drones and Personal Injury

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a drone!  A drone is described as a remote controlled, small, unmanned, aircraft. Originally in the news for the privacy implications when in the hands of the US Government and the likes, drones are now widely available for individual purchase across the U.S. Buyers are simply required to register their drone, but are not required to be trained on drone operation.  Drone owners only have to adhere to a vague set of rules that date back to the 1980’s. Not surprisingly, this brings a host of privacy concerns, and an array of potential injuries.

The drone itself is not inherently dangerous. Small and ideally airborne, a drone is not designed to come into contact with individuals or property. Fragile by nature, a minuscule impact can render the drone useless – potentially irreparable. However, as with any object in motion, drones may result in injury to a innocent bystander. While the impact is not typically intentional, the injury can be severe and recovery costly.

Who is Using Drones?

Consumers can purchase drones for entertainment. Relatively affordable and increasingly more available, drones are similar to popular model planes of the past. The added bonus is drones are equipped with video capabilities and record while in flight.  The video captured by some drones have been amazing.

Businesses are also using drones more frequently than ever. On the business side drone operators are typically required to have a permit and be trained. Property development, construction engineers, landscape architects and a host of other industries and professions are using drones as a means to have a birds’ eye view, or to get great footage for presentations, planning and more. With technology growing at warp speed, and prices decreasing over time – Drones are predicted to be increasingly more affordable and available as time goes by.

Photographers and videographers are also integrating drones into their presentations; providing customers with unique footage of their special event that has never before been available.

Injuries from Drones, Definitely Not Child’s Play

While it may seem insignificant on the surface, drone injuries can actually be quite dangerous and costly. From impact injuries, cuts and more, people have suffered serious injury as a result of someone else’s negligence.

Types of Injuries Resulting from Drone Use

  • Impact Injuries: Drones can and have collided with innocent individuals
  • Shrapnel Injuries: Drones that hit a building or person may emit shrapnel and cause further injury
  • Blades: Depending on materials, drone blades can cause severe lacerations

Drone injuries may not be intentional, but the injuries can result in permanent impairment, pain and suffering. Something as simple as the operator letting the drone go out of range, or the slightest bit of inclement weather, can result in a person being severely injured severely.   This does not even take into account individuals that modify drones specifically to cause harm, or the potential for mass casualties that result from an inexperienced or malicious drone operator interfering with aircraft, vehicles and more.

The Consumer Technology Association estimated over 500,000 drones were sold this year. If you or a loved one has been injured by a drone, call me! You may be reimbursed for pain, suffering, medical care, lost wages and more.

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Drones and Personal Injury Claims
Imagine walking down your street or in a park and suddenly coming face to face with a drone! This is an all-to-real possibility. The problem is, I am literally talking about coming face to face with a drone and becoming seriously injured. With hundreds of thousands of drones being purchased annually, the skies will soon be filled with them, and the risk of injury is inevitable.
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