In Cleveland, Ohio, the long Winter months of navigating snow and ice are finally at an end.  You may feel the dangerous driving conditions are behind you however, summer driving brings different risks that can be just as dangerous. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), in recent years, July had the highest number of fatal car accidents of any month at 3,126 fatalities.

The following factors make summer driving in Ohio just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than Winter driving:

Vacations contribute to already busy highways

Summertime is vacation time, and this means the roads are more congested. Drivers on vacation are usually unfamiliar with their surroundings, which can bring unpredictable driving. Traffic jams in the heat of Summer have also been known to lead to road rage, which can cause irrational and dangerous driving.

Inexperienced, teen drivers take the road in the Summer

The end of school brings more teen drivers on the roads. Teen drivers are more likely to be involved in car accidents as a result of their lack of driving experience and distracted driving. This makes the roads more dangerous for everyone.

Summer brings more construction.

As the weather warms up, more and more construction zones pop up. Jobs that companies held off until Summer begin. These construction sites create unpredictability and distractions on the road. Slowing down around construction zones can help save your life as well as the lives of those working on the road. In recent years, car accidents resulting in fatalities in construction and maintenance work zones averaged as high as 700, annually.

When you take to the roads on a beautiful Summer day, with the radio blaring and the wind in your hair, remember to keep the above scenarios in mind. Understanding what contributes to accidents will help prevent you from becoming a victim during this busy travel time.

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Does Winter or Summer Driving Result in More Fatal Accidents in Ohio?
Most drivers believe snow and ice covered roads result in the most traffic fatalities. Although many accidents occur in the winter months, a large number fatal accidents occur in the summer. Reasons for seasonal accidents differ considerably. Winter accidents occur as a result of bad road conditions while summer accidents result from busier highways, speed and more teens on the road. Regardless of the season, take the necessary precautions so you don't become the next accident fatality!
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