Dental work doesn’t top anyone’s list of fun and exciting ways to spend the afternoon, but still we trust that our Dentist has our best interest and the health of our mouth at heart. Sometimes it doesn’t work out this way. It is possible for something to go wrong, or for you to have dental work done and then experience complications—even months later. Your dentist may also have failed to diagnose a serious or life-threatening problem such oral cancer.

Examples of negligence or dental malpractice that may entitle you to compensation include:

  • Permanently injuring a tongue nerve during a surgery
  • Making a defective oral device that causes costly and/or painful complications
  • Damaging nerves that affect the ability to taste
  • Injuring nerves that cause permanent numbness in all or part of the tongue
  • Complications arising from poorly done crowns and bridges
  • Failure to detect oral cancer, periodontal, or other diseases
  • Unnecessary extraction of multiple teeth
  • Extraction of the wrong teeth

Do you think you may have experienced harm at the hands of a negligent Dentist? Call me today at 1-800-55-Misny and we’ll discuss your situation. I will do everything possible to obtain the fair compensation you deserve.  I’ll Make Them Pay.