How would you classify your driving habits? For many, traffic laws haven’t been thought about since the driver’s exam! Over time we all develop poor habits behind the wheel that can lead to complacency and potential danger.

Knowing traffic laws and following traffic laws are very different

It is important to have a solid understanding of traffic laws, safety signs and other driving nuances regardless of how long we have been behind the wheel. We have all been guilty from time to time of making a split second decision, or momentarily taking our eyes off the road. Thankfully for many, nothing bad happened but others are not so lucky.  As an injury lawyer, I have seen the worst of the worst in terms of accident related injuries and death; I implore all drivers to drive defensively, and obey all traffic and safety laws.

Aside from potential injury, practicing good driving habits can have a financial impact as well. Reduced insurance rates and peace of mind are at the top of the list of benefits when it comes to responsible, safe driving. For business owners, this goes a step further to protecting your livelihood while you and your employees are on the road!

Take the Time to Refresh your Skills and Knowledge

There are a variety of resources available for drivers to shore up on their driving skills and knowledge. Start with this fun quiz and see how your knowledge matches up! The Defensive Driver Safety Training program offered by the National Safety Council is another great resource for individuals and business owners as well.

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Do You Consider Yourself A Good Driver?
I cannot stress enough the importance of following traffic safety laws. Speeding, drunk driving and texting while driving have all led to serious injuries and death. Other 'minor' offenses such as eating or checking on a child in the back seat have also resulted in tragedy. Drive defensively and keep your eyes on the road. I do not want to have to be called upon to help another family deal with a tragic loss as a result of an accident.
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