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Tim Misny Misnyland

To family and close friends, Tim Misny is Timo, the Croatian name for Timothy, ascribed to him by his maternal grandmother and Croatian immigrant, Veronica Vulich.

Grandma Vulich is the central character in Misny’s oft-told story about the inspiration for his career.

His grandfather, Joseph, was a bricklayer who was part of the construction crew that built the Terminal Tower in the 1920s. While on that job, he fell from scaffolding to his death, leaving Grandma Vulich with three young children and only her husband’s final paycheck. She took in laundry by day and cleaned offices by night to get by.

As a 7-year-old, Misny recalls visiting downtown with his grandmother, taking three bus transfers to get there from his childhood home, a one-bedroom bungalow in Euclid. She pointed to the terminal’s grandeur and said, “Timo, you see that? Your grandfather helped build this place.”

Misny recalls being wide-eyed at the thought and asking his grandmother who lived in such a place. “No one lives here,” she told him, “but lawyers have their offices here.”

“She told me, ‘Someday, if you work hard, you will have an office here too, because there will always be someone who needs you,’” he says. “I knew then that I would be a lawyer helping people. I know it sounds ridiculous from a 7-year-old.”

When Tim Misny takes your case, you get him. He brings his clients and their families to Misnyland for meetings. They meet his family. He even gives out his personal cell phone number to every client.

“You won’t find another lawyer in the country who does that,” says Jonathan Mester, one of Misny’s co-counsel attorneys.

“He has chosen the right profession. He is a man of the people.”