Congress is looking for legislative action for an ongoing issue among automobile companies: car seat backs collapsing in motor vehicle accidents.

These malfunctions are not anything new to car companies; in fact, car companies are very much aware of the issue but are simply choosing to not correct the malfunction due to the cost of repairing it.

According to CBS Investigators, the cost amount of fixing malfunctioning car seat backs would cost a little over a dollar. However, looking at the statistics on related deaths show that there have been 100 deaths— mostly children—due to faulty car seats since 1989.

In other words, around $100.00 could have stopped 100 lives from being lost.

Several members of the Senate have been pushing for answers from auto companies and considering legislative action that could enforce stronger seat regulations. Car company leaders will have until June 23, 2016 to prove the safety of their vehicles to senate members.

As a parent and an attorney, it is concerning that our children’s safety may not be as high a priority as we once thought.

Children’s car seats have provided additional safety but unfortunately, it may not protect your child in a situation similar to 16-month old Taylor Warner’s death.

Taylor was in a car seat in her parents’ Odyssey minivan. They were rear ended and, sadly, her father’s car seat back collapsed on top of her. She passed away from the injuries sustained.

There are 100 more stories similar to this, and many of those deaths were children just like Taylor. Automobile companies are being pressed to make changes by senate members, but something as similar as fixing a part could have prevented these deaths!

It is time for a change to be made that will demand stronger, more thorough regulations that will hold automobile companies liable.

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Car Seat Failure Resulted in 100 Fatalities
Approximately 100 people, mostly children, have died since 1989 due to car seat failure. The seat malfunctions are nothing new to automobile companies but no initiative has been made to fix the seat issues. Several senate members are pressing for answers and spark discussion on auto regulations.
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