Medical negligence claim for breast cancer victims

So many lives are touched by breast cancer. It is the second leading cause of death for women and since an estimated one in nine American women will get breast cancer, we all seem to have been touched by it in some way.

Early detection is key to survival. If a physician fails to diagnose breast cancer in a timely manner or request additional tests, months of life saving treatments are lost.  All because of a doctor’s negligence. A breast lesion can quickly develop into advanced breast cancer, drastically decreasing the patient’s treatment options and chances of survival.

Medical malpractice may have been committed by a physician, radiologist, OB-GYN or other medical professional if they fail to diagnose breast cancer or:

  • Misdiagnose a tumor as benign
  • Delay necessary treatment
  • Fail to order the appropriate tests
  • Do not perform a necessary breast examination
  • Do not identify a palpable lump during an examination
  • Disregard symptoms
  • Misread a mammogram or fail to order a mammogram
  • Rely solely on a mammography instead of a physical examination
  • Do not order a biopsy or ultrasound when appropriate
  • Make errors in surgery, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy


Have you or a loved one experienced medical malpractice or neglect by a doctor or medical professional that negatively impacted an outcome for breast cancer? Call me today at 1-800-55-Misny and we’ll discuss your case. I will fight for you and “I’ll Make Them Pay!®

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