Summer = Surge of Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

In the beautiful weather we all want to be outside walking or riding our bicycles and enjoying the warm air and sunshine! Unfortunately, this can also mean a rise is accidents and injuries due to careless drivers. As a pedestrian or a bicyclist, it is your right to use the road with the expectation of safety. Abiding by traffic laws may not always be enough to keep you or your loved ones safe on the roads.

Bicycle Safety Basics

If available, bicyclists should always utilize bicycle paths or bike lanes when riding. A bicycle rider is far less visible to a distracted driver and far more likely to get hit.  As with motor vehicles, bicyclists can be stopped and ticketed for not following traffic and safety laws set forth in the Ohio Revised Code. Ensure that you have the proper safety equipment and are well versed in the laws and rules that govern bicycles in the area in which you are riding. Always be cautious of approaching vehicles, and take the extra precautions to ensure a safe traveling distance.

Pedestrian Safety

While the common belief is that pedestrians ‘always have the right away’ it is important to be aware of your surroundings and to utilize posted cross walks, signals and pedestrian paths. Stay in the driver’s line of site and ensure there is adequate room between you and the car lane; especially if you have young children or pets accompanying you. While it is your right to travel on city roads and streets on foot, it may be safer and more enjoyable to stick to neighborhoods with sidewalks or trails. Always be mindful of traffic patterns around you, and take care to pay extra caution in parking lots and busy intersections.

In the case of an accident or injury, contact me immediately

Pedestrians and bicyclists will commonly fall victim to careless drivers. Whether failure to maintain a safe distance, or distracted driving caused the accident – The negligent driver should be held responsible. If you are able, seek immediate medical attention and contact police.  Be aware, an injury may not present itself immediately so it is very important get checked out.

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Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents - Share the Roadway!
Never, ever cross the street, even in a crosswalk without first checking your surroundings. 'Pedestrians have the right' is no match for a car barreling through an intersection and all too often pedestrians and bicyclists are struck and killed. Be smart, be defensive and most importantly be safe.
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