National Safety Awareness Month addresses awareness for safety in many different fields, but I’d like to specifically discuss the safety of bicyclists and how Ohio applies legal regulations to protect both bicyclists and motor vehicle drivers.

The state of Ohio requires that bicyclists must follow the rules of the road just as motor vehicles do.

Bicyclists must:

  • Ride with traffic when on the road
  • Stop at red lights and stop signs
  • Follow traffic control devices
  • Utilize the same right-of-way rule
  • Use white light in front of bike and red on back
  • Use reflectors

Bicycles are permitted to use the roadway with vehicles, so drivers and bicyclists must obey traffic laws and make safe decisions.

Last year resulted in 25 bicycle accident fatalities in the state of Ohio; the average per year is typically 15 to 16 deaths.

Shockingly, about half of these deaths were in the daytime! What has changed that caused such a drastic increase in bicyclist fatalities within two years?

There are laws governing both motor vehicle drivers and bicyclists but the consequences of things like distracted driving, excessive speed, or driving under the influence can have much more severe outcomes.

In honor of National Safety Awareness Month, I encourage everyone to research state and local bicycle laws for a better understanding.

State and local laws can all vary because each political body can pass its own laws; you will want to check with your local municipality in addition to your state regulations.

Ohio laws constitute that when “overtaking and passing another vehicle in the same direction”, the passing vehicle must signal, slow down and pass to the left at a safe speed. However, current law does not specify what that safe distance is.

There may not be a specific distance stated by Ohio law but you should always proceed slowly and with caution!

Sharing the road isn’t just for motor vehicles! By understanding, following, and encouraging basic traffic laws, we can work to prevent the number of bicycle accident deaths as a whole.

If you were injured by a motor vehicle driver on your bicycle, you may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault vehicle’s insurance for any injuries.

Call me immediately for a free consultation if you were hurt in a bicycle-motor vehicle accident. You will want an experienced attorney by your side that will fight for you.

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National Safety Month- Ohio Bicycle Laws
It's National Safety Month and Ohio bicycle accident deaths have increased significantly in the past few years. If you are a cyclist, it is important to know both state and local bicycle laws. If you are a cyclist injured by a motor vehicle, call me today. You will need an experienced attorney to fight for you.
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