Americans over the age of 65 are a group that is among the fastest growing driving demographic. Approximately 40% of seniors were still driving over the age of 65 a half of a century ago. Today over 80% of seniors are still driving. We want to keep our seniors driving on the road as long as it is safely possible. Aging affects many facets of one’s life, including the ability to drive.

Seniors can discuss health concerns with their primary care physician to ascertain what health issues might be of concern as they relate to driving. The most obvious is to be aware of any medication that may interfere with the ability to drive safely. Health issues such as arthritis, diabetes, seizure disorders, and heart conditions may have an adverse effect on the ability to operate a motor vehicle. Seniors should also regularly schedule vision and hearing tests, be sure their prescription glasses are up to date, and along with hearing aids, worn while driving.

It is also important for seniors to recognize their limitations in order to stay safe on the road. Practice defensive driving, avoid busy areas or streets where the speed limit is too fast for your comfort zone. It is always better to try to anticipate your next move, rather than reacting to another driver’s move. During poor weather condition, at night and during rush hour Americans over the age of 65 are more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident.

It is also worth noting that many communities offer refresher courses specifically geared toward teaching senior citizens skills to stay safe on the road.

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Accident Avoidance for Drivers Over the Age of 65
Senior drivers is one of the fastest growing demographic in the US. Provided are some safety tips and food for thought to keep senior citizens safely behind the wheel.
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