Shockingly, an average of 18,000 car accidents occur in this country every day. Sadly, these accidents result in more than 100 deaths each and every day! I wish there was a way we could magically prevent them, but unfortunately, they are a part of the busy world in which we live.

There are ways to limit the risk of being involved in a car accident. Remember when you were young and your dad used to kick the tires of his car? You may have thought he was just being dad, but he was definitely on to something.

Here are 5 important tips to reduce the chance of becoming an accident victim:

1.  Make sure your vehicle is operating safely. Check to see that your tires are properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and are not showing signs of too much wear. Check fluid levels, dashboard warning lights, headlights, brake lights, and turn signals are working properly. Get regular maintenance checks.

2.  Be a defensive driver. Always be aware of other drivers. Make sure you are constantly using your mirrors to anticipate what is happening around you and to check your blind spots. When approaching an intersection, take a few moments to ensure cars are not speeding through, even if your light is green. Never trust turning signals. Keep a good distance away from other cars, giving yourself more time to react to sudden changes and unexpected events.

3. Plan you’re driving route. Always take routes you are more familiar with.  Program your GPS before you leave as opposed to entering the destination details while driving, or after you are lost!

4. Avoid in-car distractions. We all know not to text and drive, but there are many other distractions we are routinely guilty of; attending to children’s needs, eating, looking for things, talking on the phone, putting on make-up, and changing the radio station. The best thing you can do while driving is NOTHING. Eat your lunch and pick your radio station before you get on the road. Children in the car are also a big distraction.  Make sure toys or snacks are within the reach of your children, so they can get to them without asking you.

5.  Be a confident driver. Being overly nervous or scared while behind the wheel can cause mistakes. Driver confidence will help you correctly react to situations as they arise.

Take the time you familiarize yourself with these steps, and you could save yourself and your loved ones from becoming an accident statistic.

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5 Simple Ways to Avoid a Car Accident
18,000 accidents occur daily in the US... this is a staggering number. Many of these accidents could potentially have been avoided with some common sense preparedness. This article reviews 5 ways to reduce the potential for a car accident. No one wants to be involved in a accident. More so, it is heart wrenching each and every time I am called to a hospital to speak with families who lost a loved one. Be careful... be safe!!!
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